frequently asked questions

What if I need help with my visa and flight over?

We will make all arrangements for your z-visa prior to your arrival in China. 

If you need us to provide initial financial support we have that available both for living expenses and your flight over; monthly payments can then be deducted from your salary during your contract. We recommend that new teachers bring 10000RMB to cover personal expenses in their first month.

Why does the pay scale rise so quickly?

While we are always looking for teachers to stay long-term, we like to stay flexible for instructors that are looking for shorter contracts. Therefore, the salary is lower for the first year. Once teachers have proven themselves, we believe in raising their pay to be commensurate with the value they bring to our students and our company.

What kind of training will I receive?

For the initial training period, you will mirror an experienced teacher and help with the class before gradually taking the reins. 

What if I'm unhappy with my job?

We have great confidence in our system and our ability to provide a teacher friendly environment. If a teacher is unhappy with their situation, we will do our best to listen and make adjustments. 

How will I be able to teach students if they are not fluent in English?

During your initial training, we will prepare you on how to communicate with your students. To cut down on any miscommunication, we keep our complete K-5 curriculum standardized with materials that are simple and easy to follow. However, the easiest way to communicate with students is to use context that they are familiar with, more body language, and visuals (such as drawing) to guide them in their understanding. We also discuss any difficulties during our weekly meeting. 

Is overtime required?

No, overtime is not required. Teachers will be paid the same whether they have 10 hours or 24 hours per week. However, we will offer extra working hours occasionally. If a teacher would like to earn extra money they can agree to take on extra classes at an increased rate of pay.

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