Personal assistant

We have local employees who are solely working to help you in setting up your bank account, your living accommodation, finding your school, showing you the best places in the area that you want to know about (e.g. eateries, shopping, places of interest) and in dealing with any other issues you may have and need assistance with. They will help you to make a smooth transition into the local life and will be available for help or questions during reasonable hours.


A furnished apartment near to the school will be provided for the duration of your employment with the company.

Trips to local points of interest

China is an interesting country with almost 300 different dialects and unique local cultures. At different times during each semester, we can help to organize trips to different areas of mainland China for teachers interested in learning more about its culture.

Paid Benefits

For teachers that stay long-term, we have paid benefits options that include comprehensive health insurance. 

Teaching Positions Available Now


If you are looking for a unique career in education and meet our requirements for employment contact us.

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