Reasons to Work With Us

A School by Teachers for Teachers

As a school established and run by teachers from overseas, we understand the concerns and problems that people face when coming to teach in China. As such, we have done everything we can to address these issues head on: 

  • We don't employ our teachers through a 3rd party - when we offer you employment we have decided to invest in you and your potential. We will make sure that you always receive your wages on-time directly from us.
  • We can guarantee where you will work - We will never have you working in multiple schools at one time. You only work in our school.
  • We have our curriculum ready for you - We will not plunge you into a situation which you are unprepared for.
  • We value our quality of teaching beyond profit. As such, we believe that you should receive fair wages for your work. 
  • We will guarantee you are employed correctly - Before coming to China we will make sure you have your Z-Visa. You will have no concerns with the legitimacy of your presence in China.  

why go overseas

If you're not looking for the traditional...

From the lifestyle of traveling, to the laid-back work schedule, to the appreciation you get from students and their parents, to the satisfaction of getting results from your work, you will experience a quality of life that few find back home.  Not to mention, you'll have the time and money to travel home once or twice a year. Look below at our comparison and see if you agree.

American education system

American Pacific Schools

  • Work together with colleagues rather than being micro-managed by a superior
  • Students's progress is self-paced. Focus of testing is to reinforce what they learned, not to be used as a tool for comparison amongst students.
  • Curriculum is already prepared for you
  • Class size is 10 students
  • Low taxation rate for expats
  • Quick pay scale increases